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Finarfin was the third son of Finwe. He married a Teleri princess Earwen and had five children: Finrod (Called Felagund, 'Cave-hewer' in Dwarvish), the king of Nargothrond; Orodreth, warden of Minas Tirith and king of Nargothrond after his brother's death; Angrod; Aegnor; and Galadriel, keeper of Nenya (the Ring of Water), wife of Celeborn of Doriath, and queen of Lothlorien.

Finarfin started on the road east with his brothers, but after the kinslaying at Alqualonde, he forsook the journey and returned to Eldamar to rule as High King of the Noldor. Near the end of the First Age, he led the Noldor to Middle-Earth in the War of Wrath after which he returned to Aman and ruled the remaining Noldor.

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