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Divine Intervention--The Valar

Date: Wed, Feb 28, 1996 11:18 PM CDT


I would perhaps agree with your appreciation of the Valar as those who influence through the sneding of others as opposed to direct intervention. The Istari are certainly an example of that. As well as the founding of the sun and the moon. Although they are though to be chosen of the Valar. I find the impact of the light bringers to be more of an enemy to Morgoth than simply a light source. And in fact as indirect aid to the Eldar.

It is interesting to note that the intervention of the Valar was limited after the destrustion of the trees and the hiding fo Valinor. With the oath of Feanor and the doom of the Noldor, the hiding of Valinor decreased (if not stopped) the direct intervention of the Valar at all. With exception to the creation of Golndolin.

It would seem as though the Valar moved into a time of guiding, using emissaries to execute their will as opposed to actual fighting. Even Morgoth himself sent most his armies to fight and only himself came forth at the challenge of Fingolfin the Great.

These seem to lead one to believe that perhaps the Valar were ready to interact with the firstborn of Illuvatar, yet when the firstborn left Valinor, and the birth of men came to middle earth, the Valar were yet unwilling to deal directly. Perhaps the men were unable to deal with the hgih servants of Illuvatar. Being of less sturdy stuff than the firstborn.

All comments would be most appreciated,

Tom Stanton

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