by Lasse Rasinen

Son of Huor and Rian, he was born the year 472 of the First Age, when his father was slain in Nirnaeth Arnoediad. His mother escaped to the wilds of Mithrim, where she gave birth to Tuor. After Tuor was born, she went to Haudh-en Ndengin and died. Tuor was taken to foster by a Grey-elf Annael. When he was sixteen, the elves tried leave the caves of Androth where they lived, but Orcs and Easterlings attacked them, and Tuor was taken captive. After being three years a slave to Lorgan, the chief of the Easterlings of Hithlum, he escaped and returned to caves of Androth.

When Tuor had lived as an outlaw for four years, he left Hithlum because

"Ulmo set it in his heart to depart from the land of his fathers, for he had chosen Tuor as the instrument of his designs",

and went through Annon-in-Gelydh, finally arriving at Nevrast. In autumn he saw seven swans flying south, and followed them to Vinyamar. There he found the arms that Turgon had left behind. In the shore Ulmo came to him, and Ulmo bade him depart and seek out Gondolin. As he left, he met Voronwe of Gondolin, who promised to guide him to Gondolin. At length they came to the hidden gate of Gondolin, where they were taken as prisoners. They were brought before Ecthelion, and Tuor casted away his cloak, and was recognized to be sent by Ulmo. Tuor was taken before Turgon, the High King of the Noldor, where he spoke with the words of Ulmo, warning Turgon that the Curse of Mandos was hastening to its fulfilment. After pondering long, Turgon chose not to follow the counsel of Ulmo.

Tuor remained in Gondolin, and after seven years he married Idril, Turgon's only child, and the next year (503 F.A.), they had a son, Earendil Half-elven. Thus, the prophecy of Huor in Nirnaeth Arnoediad came true:

"This I say to you [Turgon], lord, with the eyes of death: though we part here for ever, and I shall not look your white walls again, from you and from me a new star shall arise.


When Earendil was seven years old, Morgoth attacked Gondolin, and Turgon died. But Tuor, Idril and Earendil escaped with some of their people, and after long and dangerous marches they came to Nan-Tathren, the Land of Willows. But sea-longing woke in Tuor's heart, and he and Idril led their people to the mouths of Sirion, where they joined the remnant of Gondolin to the company of Elwing daughter of Dior. When Tuor felt the old age creep upon him, he built a ship called Earrame, Sea-Wing, and sailed to the West.

Year Description (all years First Age)
------ -----------------------------------------------
472 Tuor is born. His father Huor is slain in Nirnaeth Arnoediad, and his mother dies in Haudh-en-Ndengin. Tuor is taken to foster by Annael.
488 Tuor is enslaved by Lorgan
491 Tuor escapes and returns to caves of Androth
495 Tuor goes to Nevrast. In autumn he discovers Vinyamar. Later the same year he comes to Gondolin.
502 Tuor marries Idril
503 Earendil son of Tuor is born
510 Morgoth attacks Gondolin. Tuor, Idril and Earendil escape. They arrive in Nan-Tathren, and later continue to mouths of Sirion.
5?? Tuor sails to the West with Idril.

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