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The Electronic Tolkien Encyclopedia Project (ETEP) is an ongoing effort to provide to the reading public a collection of thought provoking articles concerning Tolkien's written work. ETEP will feature study and subject guides to aid in critical treatments of Tolkien's literature, and a thorough encyclopedia of names, places, things, and events which are the substance of Tolkien's fiction.

This project is brought to fruition by the efforts of individuals who devote their time to make this resource possible and freely available to the community of Tolkien enthusiasts on the Internet.

The first phase was in 1995/96 on a long-forgotten website, by many contributors, including myself. This is the second start, in the year 2000, not from scratch, but built on the ground of what has been done in the past. Now its your turn to comment and to contribute...  as your contributions are both welcome and necessary to revive this project.

Wolfgang G. Wettach, Editor


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General Information (a FAQ)

The World of Tolkien:
Literary and Philosophical Studies
of the Work of J. R. R. Tolkien

The Encyclopedia of Middle-Earth

Dear Tolkien Enthusiast,

In the words of former editor Fred Bagwell: We hope you enjoy the Electronic Tolkien Encyclopedia Project . This resource is made possible by the efforts of people like yourself who have discovered this web site and actively support it with submissions and by participating in the Middle earth Society. Please consider contributing to this project. Help it grow into the highest quality resource for information on Tolkien's works available on the Internet.

Comments concerning ETEP are welcome.

Wolfgang G. Wettach
ETEP Editor

Communication concerning all parts of ETEP including the Encyclopedia of Middle-Earth can be send to the Publisher. Please include "ETEP" in the subject line.

Encyclopedia Last Modified: 28 May 1996; Restarted: 22 September 2000


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